The Point Is Power

There are plenty of activists on the left; many people are caught up in going to protests and rallies, championing various causes, and offering resistance to those in power. This work is very useful and crucially important in the current period, but it alone is not enough. The left cannot simply fight, we must win. Every rally, every strike, and every protest, must serve to prepare the way for ultimate victory. The point, in other words, is power.

The protests against police brutality must be tied to the overthrow of the system that creates it. Resistance to environmentally damaging projects, such as the #NODAPL movement, must be connected to a revolutionary offensive, an offensive to establish a socialist system that prioritizes the environment. In challenging how corporations have placed profit above people, we must envision a future where those corporations are taken over by the workers and the means of production they have developed are placed in the service of all humanity rather than a privileged minority of wealthy elites. In all these seemingly disparate struggles, we must see the underlying unity and highlight the need to struggle against the economic system that necessitates all these various oppressions. That is a key insight of the revolutionary Marxist perspective: we change the world by taking power.


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